Before you drive off, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork completed to buy the car.

Below are the famous Auto Evaluator Checklists. These exclusive and comprehensive lists are designed to help you keep track of the important items you will want to inspect before buying. They are color-coded and very user friendly. Each checklist has a corresponding web page that features picture examples as well as a description of how to use the system.

Negotiating with Checklists can be the easiest and most effective method because you can use your findings with the lists as leverage. Here is how the system is designed: The Phone Log sets the stage by asking the seller/dealer specific questions, including “What needs to be fixed?” and “What is your best price?”. These 2 questions can save you a lot of money by the time it comes to negotiate the final price. By asking open-ended questions, it limits the seller from simply answering with just Yes or No. The more the seller talks, the more you will learn about the vehicles condition.

The Vehicle Inspection Checklists will help to determine the condition of the car/truck with easy to follow, color coded lists that have been designed exclusively for The Auto Evaluator. These will help you diagnose any potential problems with the car so you know what might need to be repaired before you purchase. Use this website to learn what to look for before, during, and after the test drive. There are cases where you might find problems the seller was not even aware of, so be sure you are thorough when diagnosing the car.

How to use the Checklists to your advantage!

Once your inspection is complete, it’s time to negotiate! This is when you look at your phone log to see what the seller’s answers were for the open-ended questions. For instance, if they said that nothing needed to be fixed and wanted $6,000 for the car, you can use the checklists to show the seller that there are problems with the car. Since they wanted $6,000 for the car (which needed no repairs), how much will they discount the car now because there are items on the car which need to be fixed? It’s hard to argue with logic, so if you have an actual checklist showing problems on the car, it’s more difficult for a seller to hold to their $6,000 when they claimed that the can needed no repairs. If they mentioned that the car needed certain items, such as new brakes, you would exclude those items from your negotiations.

This revolutionary system can help you reduce the selling price of a car without any prior negotiating skills! This is not offered anywhere else and we pride ourselves on growing this program and continue to accept suggestions and comments from you. It’s free to use and is protected by copyrights. Please click on the checklists below.

Click here for the Private Seller Phone Log The Private Seller Phone Log is designed to gather crucial information about the car as well as how well the car was maintained. This will also help you to decide which vehicles to look at and for the price negotiations if needed.
Click here for the Dealership Phone Log The Dealership Phone Log is designed to gather crucial information about the car as well as the dealership and their habits. This will help you to decide which vehicles to look at and can be used later during price negotiations if needed.

Click here for the Before Starting checklist The Before Starting Checklist guides you through what items need to be inspected prior to even starting the vehicle. We show you exactly where to look by using detailed pictures as examples.
Click here for the Starting & Observing Checklist The Starting & Observing form guides you through what items need to be inspected once the vehicle is running. The color coded lists make it very clear which problems can be severe in regards to both saftey and/or repair costs.
Click here for the Test Drive Checklist The Test Drive Checklist will help you diagnose how the vehicle reacted while on the test drive and covers such items as brakes, alignment, cooling system, suspension, transmission, drivetrain, and much more, even if you aren't a mechanic.
Click here for the Dealer Worksheet The Dealership Worksheet is an extremely useful and informative form that is a must have if you plan to purchase from a dealership. It goes through the figures in great detail and is to filled out before you enter the finance office.

Click here for the Bill of Sale The Bill of Sale is another must have form if you plan to purchase from a private seller. It is complete with closing notes listed on the bottom so you don't forget anything or make any critical errors.

We are not affiliated with any other automotive web site, company, or lending institution. We give our customers the tools they need to make an educated purchasing decision for themselves. We offer no opinions in regards to which manufacturer, make, or model a customer should purchase. This system has been designed around actual car buyers who experienced problems, some severe, and is beneficial to use whether you are going by yourself, or bringing someone to help you look at the vehicle. The program is 'dealership friendly' and has been developed with cooperation from Auto Mechanics, Sales Consultants, and Sales Managers. The Auto Evaluator is a guide, not a guarantee and always consult a qualified mechanic. The Auto Evaluator and all it contains is a TradeMark of Mistar Enterprises, LLC.