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When it comes to buying a car, there are many questions consumers like yourself want to have answered before you purchase. For most, the biggest question is “How can I buy a car without being taken advantage of by the Dealer?” The good news is 'Yes', you can gain the knowledge you need to make an educated buying decision based on facts. Since dealerships sell cars everyday and consumers typically only buy a new car every 3 years, this puts you at a disadvantage, which makes it vital for you to learn how to make the best decision possible. This entire website is dedicated to giving you the knowledge you will need to buy a car with confidence!

Since every purchase is different we have placed 51 frequently asked questions with the appropriate answer above courtesy of Yahoo! Answers. If you don’t see an answer in the questions above and have Yahoo! account, you can add The Auto Evaluator to browse the over 1,300 answers or ask the direct question. Otherwise, you can ask a question through the “Contact Us” page (once we fix the emails).

We are not affiliated with any other automotive website, company, or lending institution. We give our customers the tools they need to make an educated purchasing decision for themselves. We offer no opinions in regards to which manufacturer, make, or model a customer should purchase. This system has been designed around actual car buyers who experienced problems, some severe, and is beneficial to use whether you are going by yourself, or bringing someone to help you look at the vehicle. The program is 'dealership friendly' and has been developed with cooperation from Auto Mechanics, Sales Consultants, and Sales Managers. The Auto Evaluator is a guide, not a guarantee and always consult a qualified mechanic. The Auto Evaluator and all it contains is a TradeMark of Mistar Enterprises, LLC.

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